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Welcome to the Arts & Crafts Lodge. This is where you'll post your responses to the Camp Craft Challenges, which can be found here ( Whether you choose to do one or all of the options listed, we can't wait to see what you create in the coming days.

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Thank You, Dear Campers
Last week was a blast of creative happiness! Thank you for coming to camp and sharing your amazing ideas with us. I've loved seeing your ideas and getting to know each of you a bit better. This is one camp experience I'll never forget. :)
Fun. FUn. FUN!
This week has been great! Everyday I got up bright and early eagerly anticipating what the next project would be! Thanks so much. I am totally motivated!
Haven't received my goodies.
Just wanted to let you know that I haven't received any of my goodies for registering.
Posting to the CK Summer Camp
Hi Everyone!!! Everything is so pretty... remember to post to the ICON.. the I Rocked CK Summer Camp Icon so you don't knock galleries off the board!!! Everyone is SO creative!
turquois hydrangea card
Hey, I gave this a shot. I used alcohol inks and a felt stamper from Tim Holtz along with blending solution to make the "die dye" background around the flower. That was created with distress ink. The edges are pin-striped with an 18K gold leafing pen. I hope you all enjoy it.
Camp Projects
I am a "camp councelor"for preteens every morning this week for our church V.B.S. This morning we struggled through making God's Eyes WITHOUT the great instructions that I found this afternoon!!I am taking some beads from my stash to add to their creations tomorrow! Thanks for the idea!
This Is REALLY GREAT for Morale on the Board!
This is awesome. I am so glad to see all the activity on the board because of this. Also it is a lot of fun to know EVERYONE is out there scrapping. THANKS CK!
Having a ball!!!
Ive had a great time at camp and so far have completed three projects, a frame, a noteboard and now a decorated desk top organizer. I so glad I came to camp as I have the raw products for ages and never got around to starting them. I still cant believe I completed three things. I hope everyone is enjoying themselves. Im off to start something new. Bye for now.
Camp Projects
I finished 2 projects today - the god's eye and the cork board. It took me 3 attempts on the god's eye because I was using embroidery thread and skewers instead of the craft sticks.
Day 2 Camp Cork Board Project: DONE!
Another productive day for me and kiddos. We just finished the Corkboard projust with a Twist. Yahoo! Her bday is coming up next month and wanted to show off her newly designed beach themed room to her friends. What a big relief to do something nice about her ugly wall. THANKS MEGAN!!!!
LOVE the tie-dye shirt!
Seriously, you gals are so creative. I love how it's only morning two of camp and there are already stunning projects posted in our lodge. Way to go! To answer your question, there is just the one page with five challenges on it. You can do as many or as few as you'd like. And, yes, if you've signed up for camp you are automatically entered into our Snack Pack giveaways. Winners are posted daily on the bulletin board thread below:
Beach Sisters
My best scappin buddy hasn't heard from me in a while. Hope she sees this--cause I didn't get her message that was left awhile ago. I just came across a package from her that was stacked in the diningroom during a clean up. Hope she forgives me---And helps me figure out all of the ways to "get around this "Camp"site!!!!
Tie Dye Camp Project...DONE!
Me and my kids had so much fun making a tie dye shirt. My daughter even insisted making a Title Page for my LO when I scrapbook this camp. My younger daughter couldn't wait to do the bird seed project tomorrow. First, we need to walk to find some pinecones. Thanks CK. I'm not the only one having fun here, my kids are so excited too.
Just Curious
this is the first time I've ever done this so I'm not sure what to expect: will there be different challenges every day? I work all day and am not sure if I can actually take time to make a craft everyday, enlist the help of family members to take pictures of me making it, and then create a LO of it to post by 7/18. I've never posted anything, so I have to learn how to do that to. I'm wondering if I signed up for too much!
I think I'm signed up?
are we in camp and in for the drawings, project lists if we see our name on the recent members list?
Your Camp Goodies
Hi again, campers! I'm here to answer your question about camp goodies (coupon code, iron-on transfer, etc.), but I'd first like to thank all of you campers using the buddy system and helping answer questions for your fellow campers. We so appreciate your willingness to share information and guide campers where they need to be. Now, on to the goodies question. You should receive a camp confirmation e-mail with all of this happiness attached this Thursday. If you don't have it by Friday, please visit our camp message board and let Beth Opel, co-camp director, know. I hope this clears up the confusion. Thanks for checking in.
Tie Dye Project
We're starting our tie dye project today. My kids are excited too. can't wait to show what we came up with.
help for the ones who are lost You have to scroll down the page - there is a big white area first.
Gloria - here is link
registration for summer camp
I also signed up in June. Haven't gotten anything yet - I hope I'm in the drawings
I too registered last month.
Never got an e-mail with a special code. Also can not find the link. I have cut and pasted but no luck. I too am waiting for the iron on?
The Week's Challenges are Posted
Good morning, campers! Welcome to your first day of camp. I hope you're already having a wonderful time. Welcome to the Arts & Crafts Lodge. This is where I hope you'll share your responses to the Camp Craft Challenges, which are all posted at the following link:
i sure if my registration made it
i signed up in june so i hope my name is in for the drawings. i finally did find the projects. waiting for the email for the iron on.
Just like real camp
Not sure if my June 9 registration made it or not but am enjoying the site and thanks for hosting this event! No worries on the wondering around hoping you fit it - that reminds me of the first day of REAL camp - by the end of the week we'll be showing off t he arts and crafts and the friends we made! :)
i cannot find it
i cannot find any link? this is just crazy! i spend more time looking for things.
Can't find "3 page."
What is the link for this, Je'si? I cannot find it anywhere.
Gloria - go to the 3 page in the Camp posting and there is a link for the projects!
Can't wait until the fun begins!!!
I can't wait to begin the fun when I get home from work :( today!!! (I am taking a little sneak peek during my lunch break! I just couldn't wait!)
Where are the projects?
I'm wanting to get started and thought that the projects would begin today. Has anyone found them? See lots of my friends around. Hello to all of you.
camp fun
I'm excited for a week of scrapping fun!
I know I'm not a computer whiz----But I seem to be having trouble accessing all of the information. Am I really at camp? Am I registered? Wish that all of the information was more easy to get to. Oh-- what group list is there?
Ready to PlAY!!
I hope I'm in camp. I still have no e-mails and I'm not on the groups list that I can see.
happy to be at camp
I am so happy to be here.
Whoot! Whoot!
Coming back from camping, I can't wait to camp & be at home while I do it!
have there been any projects posted yet? it sounds like it but i can't find them.
I am really pumped about the camp. Though I am not a traditional type camper, I know that any camp related to my passion -SCRAPBOOKING- will be a blast.
Can't wait to get started!
This is going to be a great week! All those creative ideas, just waiting to be tried.
Bring It On!
I know this isn't cheer camp - but I'm ready and rarin' to go. Too bad I have to put in my 8.5 hours at work first. :( I'll be sneakin' into camp for the evening activities.
I love camp!
My oldest son is away at camp this week and although I already miss him, I'm excited and thankful to have my own "camp" to keep me busy! Can't wait for all the fun!
Camp excitement
Since my daughter is working as a camp counselor this summer, I get to see pictures of camp excitement. I have to admit I am so excited about CK Summer Camp, that I have butterflies in my stomach!
I am so excited about this week's events! I often want to be creative but don't know where to begin. This week the guesswork has been done for me. Now all I have to do is gather my supplies and CREATE...
Welcome, Campers!
We're so glad you've decided to beat the heat and come inside this, the Arts & Crafts Lodge. Here, you'll find a challenge a day for the week of online CK Summer Camp. This is also where you'll post the results of those challenges. We can't wait to see what you create soon. *CK Summer Camp begins on Monday, July 13. Follow the link below to register while there's still time!


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