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Created by: Pencil6127, May 09
This group will be dedicated to those who enjoy doing swaps. I will post new swaps all the time with all the information needed. I hope you will join this group as it will be lots of fun! If one swap fills up quickly, we can add another swap. For those of you who haven't participated in a swap before, they are a lot of fun and you do get some great cards/layouts in return for what you make. All swaps are the same as you would make the same card/layout based on the quantity stated in the swap. All of my swaps have a theme and it will give you specific information if something is to be done a particular way. All in all, let's just have fun with this. Please email me and let me know you're interested in any particular swap. Here's some other info on Swapping 101 so you'll know what to expect: If you're not sure about something, ask questions. Be sure to have your swap turned in on time! There will be a quick turnaround on getting the swap back out in the mail to everyone involved and being on time is greatly appreciated by all! If you're involved in more than one swap, be sure to keep track of the ones your involved with. Send everything that you need to for the swap you're involved in. thing you'll want to make sure is to include a self addressed stamped envelope for your swap to be returned to you. Do not send USPS labels or anything thru paypal, you'll need to send a return envelope with postage on it so that you get your swap back to you in a timely matter. Thanks again Penny

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Is this group active????
Are We Operating?
Is this group doing anything? Description sounds great. How do we keep in touch? Mary
are there any swaps going at this time
do you have any open swaps?
Current Swaps
I am interested in swapping cards, are there any open swaps?
current swaps
i am totally confused as to how this works now. i used to be pretty regular on here and then quit too busy. i have not been on here since all these changes have taken place. i would love to join a swap whats open right now?
Current Swaps
I am interested in joining your swaps. are their any open currently?
I am interested
I am most definately interested in joining this group. I have not been able to participate in a swap since 2006, but have recently put my craft room back together and am ready to go. Please email me with the information needed to get going. Thanks.
Are there any current swaps open? Debbie M
I'm confused on how a swap works. Is there a list of swap stuff or what?
I see that there are to many joinees but I do love swapping cards, journals pretty much anything so I am looking forward to getting to you you. Jo


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