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This group will share exclusive sneak peeks from my new book, Month By Month Scrapbooking! I'll be posting challenges and other fun stuff as well!!

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Hi - Is this group still active? (The last post was summer of '09.) New to this kind of format. Can someone tell me how it works? Thanks!
Hello Newbie here.
Hello. Can someone tell me what goes on in this group? Is everyone pretty active? Do we have contests, page swaps? Stuff like that?
Past challenges
Hi! Newbie! Where can I find the challenges that you have posted so far? I am always looking for new ideas!! Thanks!
Thanks, Amanda!! We know it has nothing to do with you. We appreciate any knowledge you may gain in regards to this group. Thanks for keeping us posted.. Hugs, Pattiespassion
I can't find the past posts
on this or any group. I'm looking to find the challenges but I can't figure out what to click on. I can come here and the gallery but there's nothing here about the April challenge or the past challenges. Ideas on where I should be looking?
March winner
Hey there. :) I'm sorry but I have no idea what's going on with the migration of group stuff from the old to the new site. If I find out more, I'll let you know! (I've only been told that it's being worked on.) - Amanda
March winner
Who won during the month of march? Will our LO's that are already submitted be posted here? TIA Patties passion


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