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Created by: rainbow71,
A place where we can share our techniques & methods of enjoying our craft without sacrificing quality but without breaking the bank. Share your secrets for recycling, best place to find affordable supplies,---anything that helps prevent lack of cash from hindering our creativity!

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Where do we post to read about what the group is currently doing? swapin cards
A Group after My Heart
WOW, did I hit the mother I've always been a thrift crafter, I'm told it's My Scottish blood, I hear ththeir know for being thrifty and darn proiud of it...wait...that does sound just like Me.I think thrifty crafters are more creative because they do search out other sources over shopping at the craft store. Dont get Me wrong, when the need arise answer the call by all means. I just love the thrill of the hunt. I also like to work with farbics and make jewlery too. I live in Massachusetts and I'm a widow with 3 teenage kids, they are a God send. Well, I can chat all day, even if it's just I look forward to meeting you all and feel free to write me with any questions. I hear the birds singing outside , it's FINALLY SPRING Take Care All, Anita
My kind of scrappers
I saw the firt word of this group and was like "I'm IN!" lol. Looking forward to hearing and sharing Ideas with you all. :)


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