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Created by: angelas,
Use progressive challenges to complete layouts and sometimes to make cards. The club leader will offer one weekly progressive challenge that has a new part issued each day, plus a weekly extra credit challenge. Those participating in the challenges can only complete the portion of the layout covered by the daily part of the challenge. Voting and prizes! Contact Donna (ggdesigns) for more information.

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It has only been 3 years
I finally got back into a place in life where I can donate time and energy to my craft again. I used to be part of this group back on the old website close to 4 years ago. I had to change names, I used to be Monkdabutt... Life changed and I'm finally back.
Immmm BBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccckk
Hello my friends, long see no time.
this is going to be complicated :)
Not sure whats going on LOL
Just checking the group out :-)


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